Extensions to Standard QuickBooks

Junction BI™ provides extensions to QuickBooks capabilities, and these can be extremely useful to your organization. Junction BI™ has the ability to capture and report information from non-GL application data sources.  The result is a repository, consolidation, analysis and reporting product that offers timely and affordable BI functionality unique in the market. 

Data Extensions 

Users can set up independent multiple hierarchies, expanding beyond the pre-defined QuickBooks chart of accounts for enhanced, flexible business reporting and analysis.

Expanded reporting of:

  • P&L and Balance Sheets
  • Free Cash Flows forecast
  • Sales & Gross Margin by sales territory
  • Management reports, taxes, etc.


Drill-downs and user defined groups to extend reporting and analysis:

  • Drill down: From summarized data to transaction details in one click
  • Revenue Cycle: Set up user defined customer groups, sales territories/regions to track sales campaign results
  • Procurement Cycle: Establish user defined buyer groups, vendor, and product hierarchies


Free Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting for QuickBooks

The Junction BI™ Cash Flow module allows you to produce a 12-month or 52-week Free Cash Flow Forecast and it even tracks how your forecast performs versus actual amounts. It takes your current QuickBooks information and supplements it with forecasted:

  • Sales and Receivable collection patterns
  • Purchases and Accounts Payable payment patterns
  • Routine/predictable expenses
  • Capital expenditures and Other Income/Expense
  • Financing and Equity transactions


Audit Alerts & Logs for QuickBooks

Junction BI™ tracks and records historical activity that QuickBooks overlooks:

  • Before/after views of modified transactions
  • Deleted transactions
  • Transactions posted any number of days in advance or in arrears of today’s date
  • Potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Configurable e-mail alerts 
    • Out of Date Range – e.g. 30 or 45 days
    • Prior Years Adjustment –turn on after audit season
    • Changed or Deleted Records – Report changes to prior period transactions
  • Event tracking logs are available for future reporting and review


Additional Junction BI™ Features

  • Automated roll of P&L year-end balances to retained earnings 
  • Automated roll of year-end Balance Sheet beginning balances forward 
  • Automated re-calculations of prior year-end rolls on adjustment
  • Changed records handling – The Junction BI™ Repository maintains the original record, creates a reversal record and records the changed record, for each user change 
  • Deleted records handling – The Junction BI™ Repository maintains the original record, and creates a reversal record to zero out the transaction 
  • Junction BI™ records the events in tracking logs for future reporting and review